Hello, and welcome to my website. It's a gateway to the blog where I post my stories and reviews of great books, along with news about my novel FATAL OPTION, published by Post Hill Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster.

I hope you'll visit the blog and read a few of the stories, and am always glad to know what kind of impression they make. I spend eight hours a day ghostwriting to please the Gods of Publicity and about two hours writing these stories and my novels, which include DOUBLE ABDUCTION , a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award.

I titled my blog a "Heartbeat Away," because there are Life Stories that are meant to bring you a step closer to people you see every day . . . and Kid Stories that are meant to bring you back to your teen years . . . and Mystery Stories that sidestep you toward that moment that might be your last.

Thanks for being there, and feel free to contact me at

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Here's where I post occasional reviews of great books and stories. Read them at the blog.